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EMPro Provides ADS Integration

EMPro sets itself apart from other EM tools through its innovative integration with the industry’s leading RF and microwave circuit design platform, Keysight’s Advanced Design System (ADS).

EMPro provides ADS Integration

ADS RF designers can import EMPro parameterized 3D components for EM simulation and optimization in ADS. Because the parameterized 3D component is created just one time and integrates with both EMPro and ADS, error prone links between today’s standalone 3D EM point tools and ADS are eliminated, resulting in faster design and assured accuracy.

Additionally, ADS circuit designers can transfer their layout from ADS into EMPro to accurately determine effects such as conformal bending of a planar antenna around a curved product package or effectiveness of metal shielding.

Schematic & Layout Design in ADS

EMpro’s 3D parameterized components such as connectors, solder ball arrays, packages or any custom components can be transferred into ADS as a library for use in 3D EM co-simulation and co-optimization with circuit and system components, enabling evaluation of complete family of structures in one step.

Create 3D Libraries for ADS with EMPro

For more information, refer to Integrating EMPro with ADS.

ADS circuit designers can transfer layout files into EMPro to accurately account for the 3D proximity effects of shielding, product packaging or the conformal bending of a planar antenna inside it.

Import ADS Layout to EMPro

For more information, refer to Integrating EMPro with ADS.