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X-Series Signal Analyzer Trial Licensing FAQs

Do I need a MXA or EXA instrument to receive a trial measurement application?

  • Yes, the trial licenses are for installation on instruments only. Contact your Keysight sales representative if you would like to arrange for demonstration of the MXA or EXA signal analyzers or any of the comprehensive set of measurement applications.

When does the 30-day trial period begin?

  • The trial license clock begins when the license is issued online, not when it is installed in the instrument. Remember, these are one-time use trial licenses, so download the license file when you are confident you will have adequate time to evaluate the features and functionality.

What if I want to try a higher tier or level of functionality on a measurement application, not just the base capabilities?

  • Each trial application license enables all levels of application functionality so the full feature set is available for trial for the 30-day trial period. Note, optional instrument features such as 25MHz Analysis Bandwidth (N9020A-B25), will only be accessible if those capabilities are installed on the instrument.

If I want to try more than one application, or only want to try one application at a time, will I be able to come back later and request a trial license?

  • Trial licenses are application specific and instrument (serial number) specific. If you wanted a trial on more than one application, just request additional trial licenses. Alternatively, you or your colleagues can request an application at any time in the future to try individually or together with others. Remember, each application is only available one-time for a 30-day trial period, so if you use the trial, your colleague will need to use the trial on a different instrument (serial number).

How to I receive a trial license, do I need to place a purchase order?

  • Trial licenses are available anytime on the Keysight Web site under the X-Series application pages or through a Web-connected X-Series analyzer using the internal instrument home page on the analyzer’s Windows desktop. From an external PC, you can also search

How do I know if a trial license has already been redeemed for a particular instrument or application?

  • The license explorer located under the SYSTEM menu lists all licenses by type and expiration date installed on an instrument. To view the license explorer, press “SYSTEM” hard key, “More 2 of x” and then “Licensing” softkeys. Review the list for any trial license types “-TRL” which are expired or may still be active. Alternatively, during the license redemption process on the Web, the user is informed if the combination of instrument serial number and requested application trial has already been redeemed and therefore no longer available for trial.

What happens if the licensing system says a trial license has already been used and is not available?

  • Remember, we only offer a one-time trial license per application and instrument. Locate another X-Series analyzer (MXA or EXA) which has not had the trial used for that serial number? If all of the trials are used up, contact Keysight to arrange for a demo to see the capabilities.

What happens if I have not updated the software revision of my analyzer and I request a trial license?

  • The trial license will only work if the analyzer software contains the software for the application being redeemed. For example, if the analyzer is at its earliest software version, and you want to evaluate a trial application we introduced in a later release, the license will install, but the software containing the new application will not available on this earlier release and the application will not be present. We always recommend you keep your instrument at the latest revision of the software. Not only does this provide all of the code for trials on new applications, but it also provides the latest capabilities for existing applications which may have fixes or changes since they were initially introduced.

What do I do if I want a free trial of a brand new application which has just been introduced?

  • As with any new functionality, the instrument software must be updated to the latest revision in order to have the latest bits containing the new functionality. Once the software has been updated, you can request the trial, load the license, and try out that new measurement application.

What if I want a free trial of a new tier on an application which has just been introduced, but I have already used the trial?

  • As part of the development of the new tier of an application, Keysight may reset the trial for the entire application which would enable the ability for another 30-day free trial.

Can I get a trial on a higher tier of functionality for an application I already own, but have not purchased the higher levels of functionality?

  • Yes, the trial license will enable all functionality for a given application, so the higher tiers will be available for the 30-day trial period. At the end of the trial period, the capabilities will revert back to those licensed for the instrument and, in this case, the base functionality of the application.

Can I request trials for hardware options?

  • No, trial licensing is only a functionality for measurement application software licenses and does not apply to hardware functionality.

Will this X-Series trial licensing work for applications running on external PCs?

  • At this time, the licensing system utilized for the X-Series analyzers does not support trials on software running on external PCs. Refer to the details for external applications regarding trial or demo capabilities.

How do I find my Host ID when I run the software on a PC, like what is required for PSA?

  • For any PSA model, when requesting a N9051A trial, you would need to use your PC host id versus your PSA model and serial.     Example: PCSERNO,US12345678
    The PC host id can be found under accessing ALM or KLM (Keysight License Manager) under the PC START menu > All Programs > Agilent/Keysight License Manager


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