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Pico Image Software

Keysight Picoimage Software

Pico Image is a modular AFM and SPM imaging and analysis software package designed for universities, research laboratories, and industry.

The intuitive Pico Image desktop publishing user interface and comprehensive online help system guarantee ease of use. The surface metrology report is built visually, starting with multiple channel measurement files that can be correlated. Intelligent filters produce high-quality images, make hidden surface features visible, and separate different frequencies. Real-time 3D imaging provides excellent visualization. Videos of flight paths over a surface can be integrated into the perfect presentation. Analytical studies generate all of the information needed to characterize a surface, a profile, or a series of profiles extracted from a surface.

Pico Image software provides:

  • Easy-to-use desktop publishing environment for fast and accurate metrology report generation
  • Surface analysis workflow for full metrological traceability
  • Real-time 3D imaging and flight path definition using OpenGL technology
  • Intelligent filtering for high-quality imaging, plus metrological and scientific filters
  • Comprehensive visual 2D and 3D analytical studies
  • Calculation of 2D and 3D parameters in accordance with international standards (ISO)
  • Multilanguage support
  • Basic user level
  • Advanced user level
  • Expert user level
  • Particle analysis option
  • Statistics option

Pico Image is the ideal analysis software package for use with Keysight AFMs and SPMs. Full support of its capabilities has been integrated into our high-precision 5500 and 5400 microscope platforms. Standalone and network licenses are available.

Atomic Force Microscope - 5500 AFM

Documents & Downloads

Post Processing Pico Image Software for Keysight AFM Systems - Data Sheet 
Pico Image surface imaging and analysis software is dedicated to Keysight AFMs and SPMs. It contains three levels for basic, advanced, and expert users. Standalone and network licenses are available.

Data Sheet 2016-07-02

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