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USB Data Acquisition Side-by-Side Comparison

Product Family  U2300A Series Multifunction DAQ  U2500A Series Simultaneous Sampling DAQ  U2100A Isolated DIO  U2600A Isolated DIO  U2802A Signal Conditioner
Number of Models73331
Analog Input     
Channels/Module, Max.644--31
Sampling Rate, Max.Up to 3 MSa/s (single channel)
Up to 1 MSa/s*
 Up to 2 MSa/s/ch--Up to 500 KSa/s**
Resolutionup to 16-bitup to 16-bit--Up to 16-bit**
Input Voltage, Max.10V10V--10V**
Simultaneous Sampling-Yes---
On-board Memory8 MSa8 MSa---
Thermocouple Signal Conditioning----Yes
Analog Output     
Channels/Module, Max.22--2**
Update Rate, Max.1 MSa/s1 MSa/s--1 MSa/s**
ResolutionUp to 16-bit12-bit--12-bit**
Output Voltage, Max.10V10V--10V**
Digital I/O     
Channels/Module, Max.24243264-
Input Levels, Max.5V5V24V24V-
Output Levels, Max.5V5V24V35V-
Max. Count(231-1) bits(231-1) bits---
Software and Drivers     
Keysight Measurement ManagerYesYes-YesYes
Keysight DIO Diagnostics--Yes--
Keysight VEEYesYesYesYesYes
Compatibility with U2781AYesYes-Yes-
Synchronization Between ModulesYesYes-Yes-

* Aggregate sampling rate
** Dependant on U2300A module selected