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i3070 Features and Benefits

What’s New

Ease of use
The new point-and-click interface removes the user’s need to type in commands during the operation of the tester. All commands are menu based, thus the user does not need to remember each command to be executed. This allows inexperienced users to start using the system quickly.

Interactive Pin locator
The Interactive Pin Locator allows the user to search for any component on the board under test as well as probes and testhead resources. This tool is an enhancement over the “find pins” command. This tool can be used during the test debug process to identify the location of a failing component or the location of a probe on the fixture. Together with the handheld probe, the connectivity of a component pin to the tester can be checked quickly using this tool.

Test development improvements
The algorithm for test development has been improved. For resistors and capacitor tests, wires selection and test options selection has been improved in the IPG such that they reduce the test times of these tests. It is possible for a typical board to see 20% improvements to the analog test time. The node sequencing in the shorts test has been recalculated to reduce the occurrence of phantom shorts.

AutoDebug was introduced with the i5000. This feature is now available for the i3070. Using a set of rules that a user can modify, the AutoDebug feature will base on a known good board to modify each analog test for stability. The set of rules mimic the actions that a user will take during the debug process. A different set of rules is available for each component type, thus allowing for more accuracy in the debug. Statistical measures (CPK) are employed to determine the stability of the test. This automatic feature can reduce the normal 3day debug process to about 4hours.

The AutoOptimizer feature is a tool for the production test engineer. With wear and tear of the fixture during the production process and changes in process parameters, it may be necessary for the production test engineer to modify test options. The AutoOptimizer can optimize the test times for these tests with a click of a button, reducing the test times by 10 to 50 percent per test. AutoOptimizer checks to see that tests are stable up to a user specified CPK. It’s great for cleaning up programs that have been modified during production runs, allowing tests to once again run fast and reliably.

Flexibility to convert form Mux to UnMux pin cards
The i3070 provides a single software stream and compatible hardware to allow the user to use both HybridPlus Mux pin cards as well as Hybrid144 UnMux pin cards.

Innovative features
VTEP v2.0
Medalist VTEP v2.0 is a suite of vectorless test techniques which encompasses the new Network Parameter Measurement technology as well as the original Keysight Medalist VTEP technology and the award-winning Medalist iVTEP. The new Network Parameter Measurement technology is a world-first, allowing users to detect opens on power and ground pins on connectors – something which many industry players had previously considered as beyond existing test capabilities.

Features & Benefits

Customer ProblemFeatures
Lack of skilled engineers / operators and high employee turnover rateGraphical Operator and Debug Interface - Simple to Use
- Reduced engineer learning time
- Less reliance on Operator's proficiency in English
 Auto-DebugIncreased analog debug productivity through intuitive GUI and AutoDebug Tools. Consistent results even with novice test engineers.
 Test-time indicationMaintenance of test time through monitoring of test time during debug
High production outputImproved test generation algorithm improves throughput- Resistor and Capacitor tests are generated with test-time optimization considerations
- Shorts test with improved algorithms to reduce phantom shorts, thus reducing test debug time.
 Improved Analog test throughput (Auto-Optimizer)- Increased return on asset on test budget
- Ensure stability by using statistics (user specified CPK)
Need to be able to re-use existing test fixtures and programsTransportability to and from 3070 / i5000 Test investment protection
Need to be able to easily and quickly deploy worldwideTransportability, Repeatability, and Stability Our Trusted, Robust, Simple-to-use tester is easy to deploy
Lower test investmentLower list priceBetter return on investment

The different products in the i3070 family can use the same Mux/Unmux pin cards, True 6-wire Analog In-Circuit Tests, all new test features like VTEP v2.0, AutoDebug tool, AutoOptimizer tool, and Interactive Pin Locator tool.

The differences between the configurations are in the size and the maximum node and channel counts that they support.