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How do I determine the correct line voltage option to order for my power supply?

Some power products use lots of power, far beyond the range of typical electronic products with which we are familiar. This makes choosing the correct line voltage option more challenging. Also, power distribution systems, regulations, and connection techniques vary greatly among geographic regions as a result of local electrical standards. Many times, higher powered products require the help of a site electrician to provide the appropriate power distribution, especially for products requiring 3-phase power.

Most Keysight power products have field-changeable line voltages; a few do not, and must be ordered with extra care to avoid mistakes. However, even those that are field changeable may require more than changing the position of a rear panel selector switch. In some cases, internal jumpers must be moved to accomplish the change. Thus, to assure that your power product can be put into service with a minimum of effort on-site, it is important to use care in ordering the product and in preparing the site.

For more detailed information on selecting the correct line cord and line voltage for most situations, click on the Power Product Catalog link. Also, be sure to consult with your on-site electrician if there is any doubt about the correct method of providing power to your product.