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What is the measurement uncertainty for the 8902A Option 50?

The only uncertainty in the 8902A Option 050 test system should be the accuracy of the attenuation source.

This specification is 0.0002 dB/10 dB step in the linear region (greater than 30 dB from minimum), and 0.001 dB/10 dB step in the nonlinear region (0 to 30 dB) using correction factors provided. There is also a specification for level stability of 0.0001 dB/10 min. Since the calibration only measures at 30 MHz, no cables are moved or reconnected during the test, and only relative measurements are made, mismatch is neglected. It is also my understanding that environmental uncertainties are irrelevant because the calibration is indicated for the listed temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure conditions.

While the instrument specifications do not indicate that Option 050 customer specifications do not span the overall temperature range of tuned RF level, we are unaware of any delta environmental testing done to ensure that. It is the same situation with test frequency. Specifications indicate from 2.5 MHz to 1.3 GHz but we only list data for 30 MHz.

Refer to Measurement Uncertainty for each test point listed for 30 MHz at the given environmental parameters.

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