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What are the differences between the 8970A and 8970B Noise Figure Meters?

1. The 8970B can control and is compatible with 8971B and 8971C Noise Figure Test Sets. The 8970A is not compatible with the 8971B and 8971C Noise Figure Test Sets.

2. The 8790B can be ordered with option 020 that extends the upper RF test frequency from 1600 MHz to 2047 MHz. The 8970B option 020 is not retrofittable. Additionally option 020 was not available with the 8970A.

3. The 8970B can store four (4) ENR tables. The 8970A can store one (1) ENR table.

4. The 8970B can plot the DUT gain and noise figure directly to a GPIB plotter. The plot function does not exist on a 8970A.

5. The 8970B utilizes a faster microprocessor board than the 8970A. The new processor board provides an increase in measurement speed of over 50%.

6. The 8970B provides direct RF noise figure and gain test capability coverage from 10MHz to 1600 MHz. Early versions of the 8970A are limited to a noise figure and gain range of 10MHz to 1500 MHz.