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How Can I Verify That My Emulation Probe is Working Properly?

The basic functionality of the emulation probe can be verified by running a test called pv.

PV, which stands for performance verification, will run a suite of tests that will verify that the emulation probe is functioning correctly.

Instructions for running PV through the built-in terminal interface

  • End any Run Control sessions.
  • Disconnect the 50-pin cable from the emulation probe, and plug the self test board, part number E3496-66502, into the emulation probe.
  • Telnet to the IP address of the emulation probe.
  • From the prompt, type pv n, where n is an integer number that represents the number of iterations to be performed.
  • If everything passes, you may wish to plug the self test board into the cable, which is connected to the emulation probe. This will rule out problems with the cabling.

NOTE: This can also be performed through an RS-232 connection to the emulation probe. It this case a terminal emulator is necessary to interface to the probe.

NOTE: This document does not apply to traditional emulators.