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Measurement Solution – Active Antenna Test


Keysight’s Advanced Radar Test Solution Accelerates Test and Calibration of Multi-Channel Array Radars and Components Incorporating Modulated Wideband Signals

  • Up to 8 channels of phase coherent & time aligned signal capture and analysis per AXIe blade each with 800 MHz bandwidth
  • Ultra fast stimulus and response measurement rate
  • Generate and up convert wideband modulated waveforms for characterization of your system under operational conditions
  • Gain efficiency in the utilization of your test range and equipment
Test Range Set Up Sample Configuration



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Increase Multi-Antenna Array Test Throughput with Keysight M9703A AXIe Digitizer - Application Note 
Accelerate test throughput for phased array antennas while providing increased bandwidth for advanced future test requirements beyond single-tone measurements.

Application Note 2013-11-15

Radar Measurements - Application Note 
This application note focuses on the fundamentals of measuring basic pulsed radars and measurements for more complex or modulated pulsed radar systems.

Application Note 2014-08-22

null PDF 6.83 MB
How to Accelerate Large-Scale Antenna Calibration & Testing with High-Speed Digitizer  

How-To Video 2013-01-30

Radar, EW & ELINT Testing: Identifying Common Test Challenges - Application Note 
This application note reviews some of the latest test equipment for radar, EW & ELINT systems. Since this is a complex subject, we begin with a brief review of the fundamental radar and EW/ELINT challenges.

Application Note 2013-04-29

Demo-Video: New M8190A Chirp Measurement Demo Video 

Demo 2013-01-30

M9703A AXIe High-Speed Digitizer with Real-Time Digital Downconversion Capability - Application Note 
This application note describes how to use the M9703A AXIe high-speed digitizer with real-time digital downconversion (DDC) capability to perform ultra-fast relative phase and gain measurements.

Application Note 2013-08-19

null PDF 5.47 MB