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[VBA Sample Program] ENA Control Tool


This program is a intuitive GUI library that enables you to operate the E5071C easily. You can setup the fixture simulator including single-ended or balanced port topology, trace/window allocation, display hardware key emulator on touch screen and so on all in one-stop. You can also run measurement wizards or your original VBA macro from this tool.

Revision Number


Supported functions

  • Emulate Hard Keys
  • Trace / Window control utilities (Layout tool, trace control tool)
  • Simulation utilities (Fixture simulator setup tool, Port extensions setup tool)
  • Data utilities (Save trace data, Read TouchStone)
  • Wizards (Setup Wizard, Amplifier Measurement Wizard, Mixer Measurement Wizard)
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Documentos y descargas 

Programming Example 2012-01-13

null ZIP 3.23 MB

Manual del usuario 2012-01-13

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