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High Speed Digital Design Seminar: New features and capabilities of ADS 2019 U1 for DDR and SerDes

Advanced Design System (ADS)Originally held on Wednesday, April 3, 2019, this event presented an overview of the many new features and capabilities of Advanced Design System (ADS) 2019 Update 1.0. The event included a discussion on the all new Memory Designer, and many new additions for SerDes channel and transient simulation technologies such as Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI), Channel Operating Margin (COM) and Back Channel Interface (BCI), and also direct seamless ADS connection to Keysight’s FlexDCA software for PAM4 applications.

Topics covered in this Event:

  • Memory Designer Demo and Presentation
  • IBIS V7, Back-Channel-Interface
  • MIPI C-PHY, Solving Simulation Challenges
  • PAM4 Measurement Terminology and Basics
  • Simulation-to-Measurement Challenges on PAM4 for 400GB Ethernet
  • AMI and COM Flow in ADS
  • And a Summary

Download a copy of the What's New in ADS 2019 Update 1.0? (PDF, 19.1 MB) slides.

Learn more about ADS 2019 Update 1.0.