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Keysight Warranty Terms

  1. Each Product will receive a global warranty. A global warranty includes the standard warranty for the country of purchase. If a Product is moved to another country, the destination country´s standard warranty will apply except for on-site warranty where Keysight does not have an applicable Product specific support presence or authorized representative in that country.
  2. The warranty period begins on acceptance. Customer may receive a different warranty when the Product is purchased as part of a system.
  3. Keysight warrants that Software will not fail to execute its programming instructions due to defects in materials and workmanship when properly installed and used on the hardware designated by Keysight. Keysight warrants that Keysight owned standard Software substantially conforms to Specifications. Keysight does not warrant that Software will operate in hardware and software combinations selected by Customer, or meet requirements specified by Customer.
  4. Keysight does not warrant that the operation of Products will be uninterrupted or error free.
  5. If Keysight receives notice of defects or non-conformance during the warranty period, Keysight will, at its option, repair or replace the affected Product. Customer will pay shipping expenses for return of such Product to Keysight. Keysight will pay expenses for shipment of repaired or replacement Product. If Keysight is unable, within a reasonable time, to repair or replace the affected Product(s), Customer will be entitled to a refund of the purchase price upon prompt return of the Product(s) to Keysight.
  6. Keysight warrants that Keysight Service will be provided in a professional and workmanlike manner. For ninety (90) days from the date of repair, Keysight will replace, at no charge, defective parts used in Keysight’s repair of Products.
  7. Some newly manufactured Keysight Products may contain and Keysight Service may use remanufactured parts which are equivalent to new in performance.
  8. Customer´s Product warranty is transferable upon Keysight´s receipt of written notification. Such notification must include the serial number, model number and the name, address and location of transferee and the transferee must agree in writing to Keysight´s warranty terms.
  9. Keysight reserves the right to invalidate Customer´s warranty for Product with an on-site warranty, or Product that has been installed by Keysight, in the event Customer relocates such Product. Customer´s warranty for such Product may be reinstated provided Keysight verifies, at Customer´s expense, that such Product is in good operating condition.
  10. The above warranties do not cover defects resulting from improper or inadequate maintenance, installation, repair or calibration performed by Customer or a third party not authorized by Keysight; Customer or third party supplied hardware or software, interfacing or supplies; unauthorized modification; improper use or operation outside of the Specification for the Product; abuse, negligence, accident, loss or damage in transit; or improper site preparation.