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ENA Network Analyzer Series Upgrades

Following upgrades are available for the E5070B, E5071B and E5071C. The upgrades in most cases are Firmware updates, Hardware upgrades and Software upgrades.
The upgrades contents are described in the table below.

Windows 7 Upgrade Kit Information

For E5071C user, it is prepared the following upgrades:

2-1-1. Frequency upgrade
2-1-2. Lower frequency limit upgrade
2-1-3. Port up
2-1-4. Add bias tees

These upgrades are prepared for the E5071C only, and be sure that the upgrade options listed in the following "Upgrade path for frequency, port up, and add bias tees" need to be ordered (e.g. To upgrade the unit from Opt. 240 to Opt. 480, order "E5071CU-300" and "E5071CU-480" respectively).

"Add high stability timebase" and "Upgrade to removable HDD" can be ordered independently with the upgrade options for frequency upgrade, lower frequency limit upgrade, port, up, and add bias tees.

The parts in our upgrade kits come with a 90-day warranty against any manufacturing defect. The warranty period of the instrument into which they are installed is not affected.

1. Firmware Updates

The firmware updates can be downloaded from the url below. The following url also contains the installation, and firmware update history.

2. Hardware Upgrades

Important: Above upgrades require the full adjustments and performance test. The completion of a part of calibration (adjustments and performance tests) does verify the functionality of the option, but does not guarantee that the instrument meets all published specifications. A full calibration is the only way to guarantee the analyzer specifications are being met. The upgrade labor and calibration charges needs to be quoted at the same time of the upgrade kit quotation.

3. Software Upgrades