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86100A - Create your own LS-120 SuperDisk upgrade

Download Instructions, LS-120 SuperDisk

Creating an LS-120 SuperDisk to upgrade the firmware requires that an LS-120 SuperDisk Drive be connected to your computer.

  1. Important - label the LS-120 SuperDisk with the model number and firmware revision. You should also write "disk 1 of 1" on the label. All firmware revisions have the same file names.
  2. Insert the LS-120 SuperDisk into your computer's LS-120 disk drive.
  3. Create a temporary directory on your computer's hard drive.
  4. Click on the firmware upgrade link. Save it to the temporary directory.

After the file has downloaded, double-click or use the Run command to extract the files. By default, it will create a folder on C:\Firmware\Upgrade\A.05.00 and place two files named 86100upg.arq and 86100upg.hrd there.

  1. Copy these two files to the LS-120 SuperDisk.
  2. Follow the instructions for upgrading firmware using an LS-120 disk