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[VBA Sample Program] Save/Recall Calibration Kit Definition

This is free software to save/recall calibration kit definition. In most measurements, the user can use pre-defined calibration kits. However, it may be necessary to change the definition of a calibration kit (or create a new one) when a special standard is used. This program enables you to save/recall user defined calibration.

NOTE: You can not edit the source code of this program.

Revision Number

Operating Conditions
Firmware rev.A.02.xx / rev.A.03.xx

Install Procedures
Step1.Download the "SavRecCalKit.vba" file.
Step2.Save the "SavRecCalKit.vba" to a floppy disk.
Step3.Copy the "SavRecCalKit.vba" to the D drive of your ENA.

Documents & Downloads


Programming Example 2002-08-06

null EXE 59 KB
Save/recall calibration kit definitions  

User Manual 2004-08-09

null PDF 42 KB