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When utilizing either the N2276A or N2276B to drive external attenuators, what are the appropriate options for the attenuators?

The N2276A is a pre-configured 20 GHz dual 1x6 switch (option 206), or dual 1x4 switch (option 204), for use in the 3499A or 3499C. The N2276B is similar to the N2276A; however, the 20 GHz microwave switches have been removed from the assembly. All controls for the switch still exist on the N2276B.

The N2276A and N2276B can also drive up to two 8490xK/L series attenuators. When using either the N2276A or the N2276B to control the 8490xK/L series attenuators ensure the attenuators are equipped with option 024. Option 024 is the standard +24 Vdc coil voltage option.

Additionally the 8490xK/L series attenuators are equipped with a 10-pin DIP connector. Inter-connection between the N2276A/B front panel and the 8490xK/L series attenuators is via a 10-pin dip to 10-pin dip cable assembly. The cable assembly is Agilent part number N2276-61002. Two of these 1.5 meter cable assemblies are included with either the N2276A or the N2276B.