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PowerSuite: Third Order Intercept (TOI)

PowerSuite:  Third Order Intercept (TOI)The intermodulation third order intercept (TOI) measurement provides a simple one-button TOI measurement of a two-tone signal. It also provides a more accurate (zero-span) measurement of that signal. The TOI measurement begins by taking a sweep using the center frequency inherited from the signal or spectrum analyzer measurement. It chooses the two highest peaks for the upper and lower signal frequencies. The system then measures the power at the signal frequencies, and also at the third-order intermodulation frequencies.

TOI measurement acquisition can be approached in two different ways. The simpler method is to use a single sweep at a wide enough span to include the signal and intermodulation frequencies. This method gives the quickest approximate measurement and highest usability. The second approach is to supplement the above with zero-span sweeps at the intermodulation frequencies. Because the majority of measurement acquisition time is spent at key frequencies, this technique gives a more accurate measurement of low-power intermodulation distortion signals.

These commands retrieve each harmonic measurement, and the total harmonic distortion calculated from the measurement.

  • Watch the Video
    In this short video you will learn why the one-button PowerSuite third order intercept (TOI) measurement is important and see a quick measurement.