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Network Analyzer Code Compatibility

The following table describes various options available to Keysight network analyzer users when transitioning from 871x, 8753, 8720, 8510 or RF PNA to newer network analyzers such as ENA-L, ENA, PNA-L and PNAs.

Code Emulation Information

DiscontinuedPNA-X (N5242A)
PNA-L (N5230A)
ENA-L (E506x)
No conversion necessary
same platform and software.
8753 series   Code Conversion Assistant
8719/20/22xCode Conversion Assistant &  Code Translator Software (cXL)  Code Conversion Assistant
8510 seriesCode Conversion Assistant &  Code Translator Software (cXL)Transition not applicable.
8711/12/13/14Transition not applicable.  Comparison Table and Code Conversion Tips

For more details, view the Network Analyzer Code Compatibility presentation

All Keysight code-compatibility software applications and documentation are offered free of charge.

For additional information, contact your local Keysight field office or contact the factory at: