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What is new with Keysight IO Libraries Suite 14.0?

IO Libraries Revisions: All

This product has been replaced by a later release, which can be downloaded from

Agilent IO Libraries Suite provides a new and improved set of tools for establishing, verifying, and troubleshooting instrument-to-PC connections.

Agilent Connection Expert replaces the old IO Config utility with an integrated, task-oriented connectivity console. Connection Expert is designed for ease of use; it includes a task guide to help you quickly access important tasks, as well as an explorer view that lets you see and troubleshoot your devices and connections.

The IO Config utility is provided by IO Libraries Suite for backward compatibility only. The supported configuration utility for IO Libraries Suite is Connection Expert. IO Libraries Suite installs the unsupported IO Config utility in the installation directory as bin\iocfg32.exe.

Interactive IO is a software utility that lets you interactively send commands to instruments and see their responses. It is integrated into Connection Expert, and can also be run in its own window from the IO Control. It provides improved ease of use over the older VISA Assistant utility, which is still included in IO Libraries Suite.

LAN local-subnet device discovery is a new feature that allows Connection Expert to discover devices that are connected directly, or via a remote I/O server or gateway, to the local subnet of your local area network. This means that you do not need to know the IP address or host name of a local-subnet instrument in order to add it to your test system.

The IO Libraries Suite extends support of VISA aliases (programming aliases) to instruments on all interfaces. VISA aliases make your test programs simpler and more portable, because you no longer need to embed addresses in your code or header files. Connection Expert provides an easy graphical way to create and browse these aliases.