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Can I automatically stop my Infiniium from acquiring new waveforms after a certain period of time or number of triggers?

Yes. You can use the scope´s mask testing capability to stop the acquisition after a period of time or number of waveforms that you specify. You can simply ignore the pass/fail results of the mask test.


  1. Click Analyze | Mask Test
  2. Check Enable Mask Test
  3. Under Run Until, select either Waveforms or Time
  4. Enter the desired number of waveforms to acquire (between 1 and 1E9) or time to run (between 0.1 and 1440 minutes)
  5. Click the Automask button and then Create Mask
  6. Click Close to close the Automask dialog
  7. Back in the Mask Test Setup dialog, click the Start Test button (the blue arrow).

The scope will now begin acquiring waveforms. It will automatically stop when the Run Until conditions have been met.

Note that there are several ways to accomplish this without mask testing if the scope is under program control. For example, you could issue a certain number of :DIGitize commands or send a :STOP command after a certain period of time.