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How do I declassify or sanitize my E5900B Emulation Probe?

Some test equipment users have a need to "declassify" or "sanitize" their instruments for security purposes. This involves following a procedure that clears all user data from the instrument's memory. The result is a sanitized instrument that can be removed from a secure area without any chance of classified data being recovered from it.

Follow the procedure below to ensure that your emulation probe no longer contains any user configurations or data.

This procedure applies to all E5900B emulation probes, regardless of which software option the probe currently has loaded.

Note: This procedure does not apply to the E5900A or E5904B trace port analyzer.

  1. Disconnect the E5900B from the target processor.
  2. Remove power from the E5900B. Data memory within the unit is volatile and all user data is lost when you remove power.
  3. Restore power to the probe and connect to it using the serial (RS-232) interface.
  4. If you wish to remove the LAN settings from internal memory, follow these steps:
    a. Set the LAN IP address to the factory default value by issuing the command lan -i
    b. Set the LAN subnet address to the factory default value by issuing the command lan -2
    c. Set the LAN gateway address to the factory default value by issuing the command lan -g
  5. The flash ROM contains processor-specific code and generic code beginning at memory location F8000000h and extending as high as FFF00000h. To erase this code, send the following commands via the serial interface:

    mac enableHP64700debug={} (enable flash command)
    flash -E F8000000 FFF00000 (erase the ROM section)
  6. The boot code does not normally contain any information that indicates which processor was being tested. However, since a user could conceivably write sensitive data to a portion of the memory, some users may want to erase the boot code. You can do this with the following command:

    flash -E FFF00000 FFFFFFFF

    After you have erased the E5900B boot code, the probe will be rendered useless until it is returned to the Agilent service center to have the boot code reinstalled.

    Note: You cannot erase memory locations F8000000 through FFFFFFFFh initially because when the box has completed removing the boot code, it will no longer know how to remove the rest of the code.
  7. It is possible to determine the processor family being probed from the target board adapter. If desired, remove the target board adapter from inside the emulation probe, reversing the steps given in the Installing an Emulation Migration chapter of the User's Guide.

The following is a list of memory devices capable of storing user configurations or data for the E5900B emulation probe:

  • 256 KB x 16 DRAM data memory (volatile)
  • 512 KB x 8 Flash ROM for boot ROM and drivers (non-volatile)
  • PPC403 processor internal memory (volatile)