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Can 3499 plug in modules work in the 3488A?

The cards that work in both the 3499A/B/C and the 3488A are:44470A, 44471A, 44472A, 44473A, 44474A, 44475A, 44476A, 44476B, 44477A, 44478A, 44478B.

The cards that only work in the 3499A/B/C are 44470D, 44471D, N2260A, N2261A, N2262A, N2263A, N2264A, N2265A, N2266A, N2267A, N2268A, N2269A N2270A, N2272A, N2276A, N2276B, N2280A, N2281A, N2282A.