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Characterizing an OEM Power Supply Using a 34970A/34972A

Video demonstrates 34970A data acquisition unit and software

34970A Data Acquisition Switch Unit

This video demonstrates a 34970A Data Acquisition / Switch Unit characterizing an OEM power supply. Several voltages and temperatures are measured over time to determine if the level of heat generated by the supply under a full load is within acceptable limits. The connections to several thermocouples and voltages are first tested from the 34970A front panel. A PC running Keysight´s BenchLink Data Logger software is then used to automate the test. The 34970A was selected for it´s low cost and easy PC connectivity.

Download the 2-minute video by clicking on the link below. The video requires Windows Media Player. You may download and install the player from the Media Player home page.  

Demo: Characterizing an OEM power supply using a 34970A