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My 16700-series logic analyzer has become unstable or erratic, delivers unexpected results, or is otherwise not working properly. What steps should I take to resolve this?

It is often more convenient to "reignite", or restore the 16700´s hard drive to its factory default state, than to attempt to identify the specific cause of the problem. Since a reignite procedure will solve almost any software problem that exists, it can serve as a quick indicator of whether or not the analyzer requires hardware repair.

Please consult your 16700´s Service Guide for instructions on how to perform the reignite procedure. This can be found in the section entitled "Reignite: Re-installing the operating system" in the Chapter 5 of the Service Guide. Note that the procedures are different for 1670xA and 1670xB mainframes.

Please be aware that the reignite procedure will overwrite everything on the hard disk drive, including all configuration, data files, and license passwords. If possible, back up any important files before beginning the reignite procedure. Also, follow the instructions in "To save the license file" in Chapter 6 of the Service Guide.

In order to perform the reignite procedure, you will need a 16700 Series Software Update. Please use the most recent version, which is available at:

If you experience problems during the reignite procedure, see: What if my 16700-series logic analyzer generates errors or hangs up during the reignite procedure?