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BenchVue Licenses Included with Instruments FAQ

Is BenchVue now free?

No, BenchVue apps still require a license for usage. We are now including a BenchVue license with new instrument purchases. Not all instruments will include a BenchVue license. Click here to find a table that details what model numbers include a BenchVue license

What version of BenchVue do I need?

BenchVue Platform 2019 or higher is necessary to redeem the BenchVue included licenses.

Are the instrument model numbers changing?

No, you can continue to purchase the same models that are on the current product list.

What do these included licenses enable?

These licenses enable the full BenchVue instrument app. These licenses will enable app behavior consistent with existing BenchVue licenses. This means that all instruments of enabled apps connected to PC will work if there is a valid BenchVue app license. Example with a single DMM license, all supported DMMs connected to that PC will work with BenchVue.

What type of licenses are included?

These licenses are Node locked that are tied to an instrument. As the instrument moves, the licenses can move around with the instrument or a new request can be made for the same instrument. Keysight will request that you “re-activate” your licenses by connecting back to your eligible instruments once a year and activate your license again in-order to get new software updates.

Can I only use BenchVue with my eligible instruments?

Once licensed, you may use your BenchVue app with any instrument that BenchVue supports. For example, if you have purchased a new 34465A DMM, once you have activated your BenchVue DMM app license, you may use that BenchVue DMM app with any DMM that BenchVue supports. Multiple sessions with multiple DMMs are also enabled.

Will Keysight still sell BenchVue licenses?

Yes, stand-alone licenses are still available and will be offering the new Keysight Software license options with KeysightCare Support. Customers that want BenchVue can purchase a BenchVue license or purchase a new Keysight instrument.

I have multiple PCs that need to work with my purchased instrument. How painful is it to license these different PCs?

Since BenchVue is included with your instrument, we allow you to request the same license on multiple PCs from within BenchVue. For web requests, the same activation code can be used on multiple PCs. The only condition is that instrument needs to be connected and recognized by BenchVue when we activate the license.

Can I change license types?

No, Keysight is not currently able to change your license type after purchase.

Can I purchase the “Instrument Included” license stand alone?

Not at the present time

Do I need to pay for updates for BenchVue Included licenses?

No, updates are included for these types of licenses. BenchVue included licenses do require a refresh of your license once a year to get new updates. Simply ensure that your eligible instrument is connected to BenchVue and activate your instrument again in our license activation menu. Subject to change without notice.