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Does Keysight offer teaching courseware on Industry 4.0 and IoT?

Keysight U3800 Series IoT Applied Courseware offers a comprehensive ready-to-teach package, focusing on end-to-end learning of the entire IoT ecosystem, from the sensor node, actuator, gateway, cloud computing to end-user application/service and relates these experiences to real-world applications through case studies, practical lab works and industrial related assignments. Examples: Smart Home Automation, Smart City, Smart Automobile, Disaster Management and Industry 4.0 Automation.

Case studies and assignments applied to Industry 4.0 are covered in U3801A/U3802A IoT Fundamentals Applied Courseware and U3803A/U3804A IoT Systems Design Applied Courseware, developing a sensor-based manufacturing automation with ability in connecting equipment to a web-based network.
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