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BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution

BenchVue: Lab Management SolutionThe Keysight BV9111B BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution consists of the Keysight BV011xB BenchVue Lab apps and the BV9101B BenchVue education control collection.

BenchVue Lab is designed as a LAN-based lab management solution, providing centralized instrument configuration, lab overview and asset tracking for educators managing teaching labs. The BenchVue education control collection includes BenchVue instrument control, automation and analysis apps, enabling easy control, data capture, logging, monitoring and report generation for students working at a test bench. Together, the BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution serves as a powerful teaching tool for instructional laboratories.

Product Description  
(For educators only)

BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution

  • 1x BV0110B BenchVue Lab Manager App transportable perpetual license
  • 50x BV0111B BenchVue Lab Client App network perpetual licenses
  • 50x BV9101B BenchVue Education and Control Collection network licenses, which cover the control collection apps
  • Unlimited one-year student licenses, allowing students to access the BenchVue Education Control Collection apps on their personal devices
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Remarks: Prices are based on Network Perpetual License with R Number Support 1 Year


Education customers get the following apps when they purchase the BV9111B BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution.

BenchVue Lab – Manager App

BenchVue Lab – Client App

View the BenchVue Complete Control Collection webpage for the list of BenchVue apps included

Learn more about BenchVue software platform

Supporting industry-standard test and measurement instruments, the BenchVue software platform is ideal for students learning electronics or needing to get access to get results faster. With its intuitive interface and measurement capabilities, BenchVue software allows educators to focus on their curriculum and spend less time teaching user interfaces

Documents & Downloads

BenchVue Lab Management Solution- Datasheet 
BV lab management solution datasheet

Data Sheet 2018-12-26

null PDF 978 KB
BenchVue Lab Management Solution - User Manual 
User manual documented BenchVue Lab Management Solution use case in step by step including system setup, configuration and features user guide for getting started and troubleshooting.

User Manual 2018-10-22

null PDF 4.22 MB
Benchvue Education Lab Management and Control Collection Bundle (BV9111B) 
The BenchVue Education Bundle enables universities and colleges to use one software tool to interact with their instrumentation and unlocks extended applications beyond the no-cost BenchVue version available to students.

Promotional Materials 2018-12-14

null PDF 850 KB
BenchVue Help file  
Keysight helpfile documented all the individual Benchvue apps overall information for quick view.

Help File 2018-10-25

BenchVue Software as an Educational Tool - Application Note 
Discover how BenchVue software is a powerful tool for instructional laboratories, as well as for instructors.

Application Note 2017-05-19

BenchVue Software 2017 (BV0000A) - Technical Overview 
Keysight BenchVue software for the PC accelerates your testing by providing multiple instrument measurement visibility and data capture with no programming necessary.

Technical Overview 2017-03-20

Keysight BenchVue Lab - Technical Overview 
BenchVue Lab software consists of the Manager and Client apps - the Manager app acts as the main software application installed on the lab administrator's PC for centralized control and management, while the Client app runs on test bench PCs and connects all the instruments at individual test benches.

Technical Overview 2018-12-04

null PDF 1.10 MB
Keysight Benchvue Setup guide for Lab Management and Control Solution - Demo Video 
Cover all the prerequisite software installation and instrument setup procedures

Demo 2019-01-23

Lab administrator feature - Demo Video 
Introduction of Lab administrator feature to allow lab admin to monitor the lab instrument connection status

Demo 2019-01-23

Asset tracking feature - Demo Video 
Introduction of asset tracking feature to allow lab admin to track their lab instruments in the lab

Demo 2019-01-23