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MWC2018 Keysight's Demonstrations


We are at the heart of your technology revolution

Keysight will be showcasing leading 5G and IoT solutions that are helping innovators to connect and secure the world, anywhere, anytime with any information - voice, data, video, and whatever you can imagine next.

 Chipset and Device Manufacturers


 Our deep RF to mmWave expertise and industry-leading design and test software solutions enable 5G chipset, component and device providers to speed time-to-market and sustain leadership.

Industry first Integrated cellular + Wi-Fi protocol verification solution

The test platform enables users to validate and model cellular and Wi-Fi multi-mode devices with confidence by offering simultaneous cellular and Wi-Fi cellular signaling testing, from data traffic generation to physical transmission and from layers 1 to 7. You can perform comprehensive testing to verify the interoperability of devices in licensed and unlicensed spectrums whilst significantly reducing time-to-market.

Industry first 5G NR ready OTA device test solution, addressing entire device workflow

The end-to-end workflow 5G NR ready solution addresses the entire device workflow from R&D, design validation to manufacturing, scaling from sub 6 GHz to mmWave. Customizable solution for prototyping and developing 5G chipsets and devices, whilst keeping up with evolving standards. The solution enables you to validate 5G device in terms of protocol layers, RF performance and key performance indicators using versatile network, channel emulation and OTA chambers.

IoT/5G End-to-End test solutions for CatM, NB-IoT and 5G device evaluation
End-to-end automated device test solution uses a single network emulation platform for NB-IoT, Cat-M and 5G R&D, functional, certification and operator acceptance testing. The solution extends from traditional CIoT RF test solutions to dedicated 5G NR KPI analysis and gNB emulation for real network scenarios, including E2E network slicing, QoS and QoE.


 Network Equipment Manufacturers


 Our extensive cellular and IP networking expertise and industry-leading design and test software solutions enable 5G network equipment makers to quickly scale delivery of high-quality products.

Industry first cloud and analytics accelerate 5G NR testing of components and network equipment

Keysight is first to offer 5G NR cloud-based solutions that enable component and system manufacturers to scale quickly and cost-effectively from R&D to manufacturing using measurement automation and cloud-based acceleration. Predictive analytics offer users deeper data insights for 5G measurements.

Versatile 5G NR testbed for phased array design validation

As the first high-performance 5G ready source in PXI form factor, the testbed is scalable across the product lifecycle from R&D through manufacturing using modular hardware and software. Metrology- grade measurements enable users to evaluate the true performance of a device under test.

Automate, accelerate & scale your 5G NR Design and test workflow

Keysight will demonstrate signal analysis and generation solutions, along with industry leading software including Signal Studio, VSA, SystemVue and Test Automation Platform (TAP), to provide the most accurate 5G NR measurements across the entire design lifecycle. Analytics solutions enable users to optimize product development with big data, powerful analytics and valuable visualizations.

 Mobile Operators


 Our robust cellular and IP networking expertise, combined with industry-leading design and test software solutions, speed delivery of secure, reliable, cost-effective 5G capabilities for service providers.

World’s first 5G packet core high-scale network test solution 
Kesyight’s 5G Packet Core (NGC) Live Test uniquely enables service providers to gain real-time insight into the quality of service by quickly benchmarking the scale and performance of the core network. The solution features REST APIs that allow users to easily embed them into their preferred automation framework or development tool of choice.

Nemo analytics solution optimizes RAN in multi-vendor environments

This industry-leading solution enables mobile operators to perform user-centric optimization of the Radio Access Network (RAN), leading to improved quality of experience. Users can analyze OSS data from all major infrastructure manufacturers as well as support and analyze all RAN data feeds using one comprehensive vendor and technology-agnostic solution.

Nemo measurement solution for C-IoT field measurements in live networks 

This solution enables mobile operators to verify NB-IoT and LTE-M coverage as well as optimize network quality to secure network performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

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