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Get your PXI Chassis Fully Configured - for Free

Request the MS9000A configurator service.

Start making measurements right away and decrease system installation time with the MS9000A configuration/installation service. This service allows you to configure your PXI chassis and modules to meet your requirements. All modules are pre-installed by Keysight before they are shipped to you. This configuration service enables you to complete the final system integration with greater speed and accuracy, decreasing your time to first measurement.

The MS9000A configuration service provides:

  • Free assembly service of up to four chassis configurations
  • Module placement and accessories selection
  • Pre-installed software for embedded controller selections. Software licenses must be redeemed by the customer
  • Initial turn-on test will be performed by Keysight 
  • Installed cables for multi-module instruments, such as a VSG or VSA
  • Service available in all regions

To get your chassis fully configured and delivered with all modules, just call your sales representative and ask for the MS9000A configuration service.

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