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Board Test Insight Version 09.10p Software Release for In-circuit Test

Medalist i3070The latest i3070 software release enables you to manage your in-circuit test programs more efficiently with improved features and user-friendly user interface. Watch these short video tutorials with live demonstrations and step-by-step instructions which guide you through the new features.






Board Test Insight Tutorial 1: Pins Test Setup  Board Test Insight Tutorial 2: Pre-Shorts Test Setup  Board Test Insight Tutorial 3: Updated Debugging GUI in 09.10p Release 
Watch this video to see how a pins test is set up in the 09.10p release to detect if the pins are making good contact to the test points. Learn how to setup Pre-shorts Test for devices in the 09.10p release. We demonstrate how to exclude a shorts from a jumper from your test list. Familiarize yourself with the new intuitive GUI and learn how to perform a quick setup and data manipulation in the updated Debugging GUI.
Board Test Insight Tutorial 4: Setting up Guard Points   Board Test Insight Tutorial 5: Easily Change Device Type   Board Test Insight Tutorial 6: VTEP Debugging  
See how you can quickly remove and insert guard points in your circuit during debugging in this tutorial. Learn how to debug a VTEP test and change the high/low limits of the test in three minutes. Learn how to debug a VTEP test and change the high/low limits of the test in three minutes.
 Board Test Insight Tutorial 7: Digital Debugging Part 1  Board Test Insight Tutorial 8: Digital Debugging Part 2   Board Test Insight Tutorial 9: Analog Powered Debugging 
In Part 1 of the Digital Debug tutorial, we will show you how to perform a digital debug using the Diagnosed Fault Verbose feature. In Part 2 of the Digital Debug tutorial, we will demonstrate how to use the new waveform display to debug a failed digital test using BTI. Learn how to navigate the enhanced feature to debug a power node test failure by changing the low limit test tolerance.
Board Test Insight Tutorial 10: Mixed Test Debugging 
In this tutorial, we show you how to debug an analog output failure on an analog to digital converter caused by the digital input with the user-friendly mixed test feature.

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