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Test and Measurement Basics - DAQ



Test and Measurement Basics DAQ video series demonstrates how quick and easy it is to use Keysight DAQ. Ranging from the fundamentals of data acquisition to the more complex configurations of DAQ instruments, Keysight offers simple and easy solutions to your DAQ related questions.

Spending only about 2 minutes every week, see topics that reveal how to save hours of your time with software connections, hardware interfaces and so much more. Click away to find out the tips and tricks to make the most out of your measurements.






Episode 1 | 90-second Measurement with DAQ  Episode 2 | Define Data Acquisition (DAQ)  Episode 3 | Unboxing the 34970/72A Modules 

Take up the challenge! With us is a special candidate who’s ready to set up the Keysight 34972A Data Acquisition / Data Logger Unit for temperature measurement in just 90 seconds! Can she make it in time?

Keysight 34970A and 34972A are versatile data acquisition solutions for test and measurement, with capabilities beyond simple data logging functions. So, what is “Data Acquisition”, really?

8 different plug-in modules with 8 unique capabilities. Watch and find out how you can choose the right cards for your measurements!

 Episode 4 | Connecting 34972A to PC via USB Interface  Episode 5 | Connecting 34972A to PC via LAN Interface  Episode 6 | 5 Things DAQ Can Do for You 
This quick start video demonstrates the fastest and simplest way to connect a 34972A to your PC using a USB interface and Keysight Connection Expert 2017. In only 2 minutes, Tit Bin guides you through the steps on how to establish the connections between 34972A and your PC via a LAN cable with the Keysight Connection Expert 2017 or any web browser. Ever wonder why Data Acquisition is prominent and so widely used among engineers and scientists in nearly every industry?
Episode 7 | Connecting 34970A to PC via GPIB Interface  Episode 8 | Connecting 34970A to PC via RS-232 Interface  Episode 9 | AC/DC Voltage Measurements 
Today, Tit Bin is here again to show you the necessary setups for the connection of 34970A to a PC via GPIB interface for data acquisition on the bench, on the network or in the field. Besides USB/LAN/GPIB interfaces, do you know that you can also connect a DAQ (34970A) to your PC using the RS-232 cable with only a few simple steps? Wiring and configuring your DAQ has never been this easy. With Keysight’s 34972A, you can now configure multiple channels and then measure AC and DC voltage both at one time.
Episode 10 | AC/DC Current Measurements  Episode 11 | 2- and 4-Wire Resistance Measurements  Episode 12 | Automated Data Logging with 34972A & BenchVue 
Continuing from the last episode, Tit Bin now guides you through the configuration and connections to set up the 34972A for both AC and DC current measurements. Watch and learn the steps towards 2-wire and 4-wire resistance measurements which are especially useful when measuring sensors such as thermistors and RTDs. Need help setting up Keysight’s 34972A and BenchVue application software for an automated data logging? Check us out for the solution!

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