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PXI VNA Firmware Revision History

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.60.04 . . . (compiled 9/25/2018)
Fixed: (M937xA):Intermittent error "Timeout when waiting for hardware to respond" in a multiport system

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.60.03 . . . (compiled 5/16/2018)
Fixed: VNA Uncertainty Calculator upgrade from 5.0.6 to 5.0.7

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.60.02 . . . (compiled 4/23/2018)
New: Equation Editor Speed Enhancement (Fast Processing mode)
New: Supports new ECal models, N4690D,N4691D,N4692D,N4696D,N4693D,N4694D
New (M937xA): Supports M9161D
New (M9370A/71A/72A): Supports the multiport measurement up to 66 ports
New (M9485A): Add Shift LO
Fixed: (M9485A): Incorrect NF measurement with lossy thru adapter
Fixed: Enhanced Response Calibration does not work with power calibration.
Fixed: N9161D switch status returns to default at calibration 

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.60.01 . . . (compiled 11/27/2017)
New: AFR can export .SNP files in the formats of Log Mag and Lin Mag
Fixed: When a multi-monitor is used, the firmware application is displayed improperly.
Fixed (M937xA) SENS:CORR:GUID:PSEN 1 always returns error.
Fixed Color preference files are not loaded at launch.

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.60.00 . . . (compiled 10/24/2017)
New: Extend the maximum channel
New: Auto Fixture Removal enhancement
New (M9485A): DC measurement with pulse
New (M9485A): DC measurement speed enhancement
Fixed (M9485A): NF measurement bug

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.55.05 . . . (compiled 06/01/2017)
New: Supports all new ECal models, not only N7554A/55A but also N7550A/51A/52A/53A
Fixed (M9485A): Failure to launch for M9310A and M9309A with a new FPGA version.
Fixed: Noise figure accuracy get worse at specific frequency
Fixed: NF cal fails with a SCPI 106 error at multi channel guided cal sequence

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.55.04 . . . (compiled 05/19/2017)
New: Added TRIGger:STATus:READy query
New (M937xA) : Enable Calpod GUI

Additions/Changes for Version A.12.55.03 . . . (compiled 04/25/2017)
New: Supports all PXI VNAs, M9370A, M9371, M9372A, M9373A, M9374A, M9375A, and M9485A
New: Supports Automatic Fixture Removal (Option 007)
New: Supports the M9341B Digital/Analog I/O
New: Supports the M9111A PXI SMU
New (M9485A): Supports M9161D PXI Solid State Dual SP4T Switch
New (M9485A): Support M9379A and M9161D control for Noise Figure measurement (Option 028)