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Insertion Loss Admittance Tunnels

Precise & Cost-Effective Non-Destructive Testing of Critical Materials

MWI Laboratories provide a range of Insertion Loss Admittance Tunnel solutions that utilize the company’s Gaussian Beam polyrod antennas.

  • Non-destructive testing of critical materials
  • Adjustable for aligning horizontal or perpendicular E-field direction.
  • Beam size of 12.5 inches diameter at 10 GHz, or 2.5 inches at 7 GHz
  • Frequency range 0.7 - 16 GHz or 7-50GHz (banded)
  • Used with Keysight’s Vector Network Analyzers
  • Cost effective solution.

Documents & Downloads

Insertion Loss Admittance Tunnels 
Co-branded Solutions Partner brochure with MWi Laboratories on Insertion Loss Admittance Tunnels

Solution Brief 2017-01-16

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