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MWC2017 Keysight Demonstrations

Verify NB-IoT Device Compliance and Battery Life

Concerns about coverage or battery Life? Keysight will introduce the NB-IoT test solution covering from design to operator’s acceptance, based on the E7515A UXM, and used by chipset and device engineers implementing the cellular IoT technology NB-IoT based on 3GPP Release 13 standards.

Efficiently Validate 8x8 802.11ax Chipset Capability

The WLAN industry is quickly advancing to 802.11ax This new standard offers significant advances in system capacity by increasing the modulation format and carrier density by four times. Keysight's new R&D solution offers very good EVM performance for 802.11ax and supports up to 8x8 MIMO. The manufacturing solution is compact, rugged, and fast. Drive greater efficiency in your test with Keysight client software, where R&D or DVT engineers can quickly validate their new device, and NPI engineers can drive greater manufacturing efficiency.

Assure 5G Air Interface QoS via Fronthaul Monitoring

Wireless Fronthaul Network monitoring enable operators to get significant insight regarding the quality of service and customer experience, and help measure, improve and troubleshoot fronthaul operation. As 5G Wireless Fronthaul networks increase in complexity and are at the convergence between RF signal and Protocol domains, monitoring solutions require a unique combination of RF signal and wireless protocol measurement science.
The Keysight solution leverages from Keysight’s leading measurement expertise in both domains and provides a real-time dashboard of 5G Fronthaul control plane with continuous monitoring of DCI messages. As physical events - such as interferences - may influence network operation , this monitoring solution delivers measurements that spans over multiple domains, including CPRI frame analysis, modulation measurements, and wireless protocol analysis and monitoring.

Simulate and Verify 5G MIMO Beamforming Performance

Massive MIMO with real time beamforming is an exciting area of 5G wireless researchers. For next generation wireless data networks, it promises significant gains that offer the ability to accommodate more users at higher data rates with better reliability while consuming less power. Using the Keysight wideband real time beamforming solution, researchers can build Massive MIMO with beamforming to test their analog, digital or hybrid beamforming system fast and accurately, including real time beam simulation and beam tracking with RF channel IQ constellation, EVM, Antenna pattern and Beam weight information.

Verify Real-World Connected Car Performance

The Virtual Drive Testing (VDT) Toolset is an automated, realistic and accurate field-to-lab test solution for testing connected car and mobile devices. It enables to replicate drive test conditions by using field data to create test cases that are replayed in a repeatable and controllable laboratory environment. VDT Toolset allows the user to easily and cost-effectively replicate and investigate issues and bridges the gap between lab and field testing through seamless real-world representation of the environment. It significantly reduces required drive testing and makes possible to start effective testing earlier in the R&D lifecycle.

Reduce OPEX with Real-Time Monitoring and Call Trace Based Optimization of Wireless Networks

Keysight Nemo Wireless Network Solutions offers two different kinds of solutions for reducing OPEX and increasing the customer experience. Our autonomous unattended testing solution, Nemo Cloud with Nemo Autonomous Probe, enables you to fully automate your network measurement projects, which in turn brings down the need for resources, directly reducing your OPEX. The solution can be installed in fixed or moving locations, monitored and controlled remotely in real time through a cloud-based web interface, and the measurement data can be sent straight for post-processing and analysis.
Nemo Xynergy Geospatial Intelligence, on the other hand, is driving cost effectiveness and efficiency through using OSS generated call trace data for driveless optimization of the network. Customer experience will be enhanced by accessing and troubleshooting customer-specific calls, sessions, and events that are accurately geo-located by using proprietary geolocation algorithms. The depth and quality of the analytics will improve by enabling correlation of multiple data sources to enhance the problem identification and troubleshooting routines.

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