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RF Design Software Learning Kit


The RF Design Software Learning Kit explores the ways in which Keysight EEsof Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software can add value to an already challenging RF/microwave curriculum. Many texts used for introductory RF/microwave courses contain examples using CAD simulation software; however, they do not explain how to set up those simulations. This learning kit includes a 170-page downloadable book, along with the associated ADS projects and videos. This provides step-by-step examples highlighting the theory and application of the curriculum within the ADS software environment.

RF Design Software Learning Kit
6 chapters packed with step-by-step examples 3 projects including design, fabrication, and validation 2 great videos to help you get started using ADS
  1. Transmission Line Theory
  2. Microstrip Line
  3. Network Analysis
  4. Impedance Matching and Tuning, Distributed Elements
  5. Microwave Resonators
  6. Power Dividers and Directional Couplers
  1. Stepped Impedance Low-Pass Filter
  2. Coupled-Line Bandpass Filter
  3. 20-dB Directional Coupler
  1. Getting Started With ADS
  2. Extracting the Lumped Element Model from a Coax Line

Submit the form below to download the book, related projects, and videos. The intended audience is a student enrolled in an introductory microwave course. The material is presented in a familiar homework style format for a classroom setting. However, the emphasis on fundamental theory opens the demographic to anyone interested in learning basic microwave theory and how to use ADS.

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