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Build-a-Beam - Hands-on Phased Array/Beamforming Workshop

Build-a-Beam - Hands-on Phased Array/Beamforming WorkshopWhy this workshop material is important?

Phased arrays have been used by Radar/EW systems and are becoming essential in 5G and Satellite communications. Even in the commercial sector, their use is growing and will become a commodity. This workshop introduces RF, Hybrid, and Digital beamforming techniques; teaches phased array system design; then applies the phased arrays in working, system-level beamforming scenarios. Hands-on labs guide students through the simulation of very large arrays, which take only a few minutes. Students will experiment with typical configurations, weightings, and impairments (such as nonlinearities, coupling, and element variations) that affect beam-level performance. Students then apply those arrays in communications link applications.

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