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RF-Microwave Circuit-System Synthesis & Design Resources

Genesys RF/Microwave Synthesis and Simulation SoftwareGenesys is a powerful RF and microwave synthesis and simulation software for circuit and RF system designers. Its 13 categories of automatic circuit and system synthesis capabilities cover the widest range of RF applications in the industry. Capabilities include broadband impedance matching, custom lumped and distributed filters, mixers, oscillators, system frequency planning, and more.

The resources below will equip you with the skills to deploy powerful analog synthesis tools to complete RF and microwave designs in a fraction of the time it takes by traditional hand tuning and optimization.

Download some of the most popular design knowledge and Genesys learning materials including:

  • How to Design Broadband Impedance Matching Networks (workshop) – A complete self-paced tutorial workshop on impedance matching network design with automatic synthesis; including workspaces, step-by-step examples, and videos.
  • How to Design Custom RF, Microwave and Analog Filters (workshop) – A complete self-paced tutorial workshop on RF filter design with automatic synthesis; including workspaces, white papers on Custom MW/RF and Analog Filter Design, and step-by-step videos.
  • HF Filter Design and Computer Simulation (textbook) – Book by Randall W. Rhea, Founder and President of Eagleware Corp. covering filter design including lumped element, coaxial, helical, dielectric resonator, stripline and microstrip types.
  • Learning companions from insightful Textbooks (workspaces and sample chapters) – Books include Discrete Oscillator Design by Randall Rhea, Custom Filter Design by Randall Rhea, Quartz Oscillator Design by Ramón Cerda, and 100 Genesys Examples by Prof. Alan Behagi.
  • View popular Webcasts (webcasts) – Topics include Optimal System Architecture; and RF System Design, Prototype & Production in One Pass.
  • Watch Genesys Circuit & System Synthesis Tutorials (videos) – Topics include Oscillator Synthesis, Mixer Synthesis, Active Filter Synthesis, WhatIF Frequency Planning, Passive Filter Synthesis, and Signal Control Network Synthesis.

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