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How can I open the PandaBoard to run basic SIPro and PIPro analyses?

Download and unarchive the Imported PandaBoard Workspace provided in the Documents & Downloads section below.

About the Imported PandaBoard Workspace

This workspace contains a modified version of the open source PandaBoard design from Inside are two preliminary SIPI setups for both Power Aware SI analysis and DC IR Drop analysis. After downloading the file, unarchive the workspace into your working directory on the Advanced Design System (ADS) main window from File >> Unarchive.

This workspace can get you started quickly on learning how to run SIPro and PIPro analyses, and is of a suitable size of design to be simulatable on a typical laptop. The PandaBoard offers a variety of channels to run simulations on, including HDMI, MIPI D-PHY, USB2.0 and DDR2. The full specifications can be found on the specifications page on the PandaBoard website: .

The files here are shared under a creative commons agreement.

Documents & Downloads

Imported PandaBoard Workspace 
This workspace contains a modified version of the PandaBoard from

Misc Downloads Page 2016-09-06

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