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Fundamentals of PXI Integration - Application Notes

Easily integrate PXI instruments into your test system

Have you heard about or experienced the difficulty of integrating PXI instrumentation into a test process? Test engineers may shy away from using PXI because of this challenge. Transferring test programs from benchtop to PXI instruments doesn’t have to be difficult. Let us show you some steps to make the job easier for you. Download the series of application notes that will walk you through the process of integrating PXI hardware and software into your test system.

We believe you will find this series both helpful and interesting! Short descriptions of each application note are provided below. We will continue to add PXI application content, so please check back often. Here are a few examples of topics you will learn about:

  • Create fast precision RF & microwave measurements more easily than you thought.
  • Use test development programs you already know and likely own.
  • Ensure measurement consistency from R&D through production tests.

Take a short break from your day and let us show you how easy all this can be. You will be glad you did!

Documents & Downloads

PXI Interoperability-How to Achieve Multi-Vendor Interoperability in PXI Systems - Application Note 
The purpose of this application note is to impart confidence through knowledge, discussions,and demonstrations of smooth implementations amd coexistence of PXI HW, SW and related tools

Application Note 2015-06-15

Accelerate Your PXI Test Development and Test System Speed - Application Note 
Accelerate Your PXI Test Development and Test System Speed - Application Note

Application Note 2017-05-25

Understanding the Programming Interfaces of PXI Instruments - Application Note 
This application note explains the differences between benchtop and PXI system architectures and programming interfaces to help you understand how to integrate PXI into benchtop systems.

Application Note 2017-12-01

Speed PXI Test Solutions with Effective Software Selection - Application Note 
This application note provides tips for selecting software for PXI test systems

Application Note 2015-06-30

Achieving Faster Measurement Results Using Multi-Module Instrument Drivers - Application Note 
This application note provides tips for using instrument drivers to control multiple instrument modules for faster measurement results.

Application Note 2015-07-27

Detailed Descriptions and Comparison of PXI Software Tools - Application Note 
This application note describes the benefits and drawbacks of different software options for PXI test systems.

Application Note 2016-10-18

Transitioning to a PXI Test System - Application note 
This application note reviews potential hardware and software issues to consider when transitioning from a benchtop to a PXI test system.

Application Note 2019-01-17

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How to Run LabVIEW Programs with Keysight PXI Instruments - Application Note 
This application note demonstrates how to easily use Keysight’s PXI instruments in a LabVIEW program environment.

Application Note 2017-05-05