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ADS Example Book: Focused on RF and Microwave Design

ADS Example Book: Focused on RF and Microwave DesignDownload this excellent collection of demonstration guides today. Great for beginners, the step-by-step screenshots demonstrate how to get started using Advanced Design System (ADS) without assuming any prior ADS experience. After completing these demos, you will be able to:

  • Build your own Electromagnetic Simulation (EM)
  • Be able to use the ADS built-in Smith Chart for impedance matching
  • Learn how to work with the ADS 3D substrate viewer to construct your substrate layers

Work your way through the examples to design an Amplifier and/or an Active Mixer. You can also learn how to tune and optimize your design. Become familiar with ADS libraries and quickly add components to your design.

Below is the list of demo guides. Each guide is independent of the others, so it's easy to jump right into your topic of interest:

  1. Getting Started with ADS
  2. Tuning and Optimization
  3. Harmonic Balance Simulation
  4. Planar Electromagnetic (EM) Simulation in ADS
  5. RF System Design
  6. Microwave Discrete and Microstrip Filter Design
  7. Discrete and Microstrip Coupler Design
  8. Microstrip and CPW Power Divider Design
  9. Microwave Amplifier Design and Smith Chart Utility for Z matching Network
  10. Active Mixer Design

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