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ADS Workspaces Download for RF and Microwave Circuit Design


RF and Microwave Circuit Design & 100 ADS Design ExamplesNEW for 2017

The newly revised "RF and Microwave Circuit Design" textbook by Ali Behagi has over 50 additional pages which include even more information on Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) EDA tools for designing RF and Microwave circuits. The revised book (available from Amazon ) also has over 100 ADS workspaces that showcase the theory with practical design examples.

Download over 40 ADS Workspaces associated with all 3 preview chapters below

Previous Books

These books are great resources for anyone who is involved in RF and Microwave Circuit Design. The ADS workspaces contain useful design utilities and automated scripting for performing routine design tasks. They are also excellent learning companions and can be useful starting points for your designs.

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For professors in the United States who teach RF and microwave courses and have access to the ADS software, the author would like to offer a free copy of one of the textbooks and the associated Solution Manual with 100 ADS workspaces.

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