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Reduce your test time with a new 4-in-1 pulse generator - download free application notes

The 81160A Pulse Function Arbitrary Noise Generator is a four-in-one instrument with capabilities up to 500 MHz..You can download the following application notes and technical overviews.

81160A for Wireless Applications
As a highly performant differential IQ baseband generator to accomplish different wireless test applications, the 81160A can serve with an extended wideband and a very competitive residual EVM. It is a future-ready equipment to all required signals like WLAN 802.11ac and 256QAM 160 MHz.

Efficient Testing of Automotive Serial Buses - CAN, LIN, MOST® and FlexRayTM
In general, physical layer receiver test focuses on providing a worst case signal to a FlexRay/CAN/LIN/MOST device and detecting whether the receiver is able to detect the signal properly.
The Keysight 81150A and 81160A pulse function arbitrary noise generators with arbitrary bit shaped pattern option allow emulating overshoot, asymmetric delay, and duty cycle distortion.

81150A and 81160A Arbitrary Bit-Shape Pattern Generator Application Note
The optional 81150A and 81160A Arbitrary Bit-Shape Pattern Generators allow designers to test in a minimum of time and at low cost the robustness of their devices with repeatable real-world signals.

Stressing 1Gbe Receivers on the Physical Layer
The optional 81150A and 81160A arbitrary bit-shape pattern generators allow designer to test in a minimum of time and at low cost the robustness of their devices with repeatable real-world signals.

Testing Circuit Board Power Distribution Using Real World Distortions
Testing components and compensation circuits under real-world conditions
is essential. It is this process that allows engineers to assess the PCB’s
design and power consumption.
With the 81160A,an effective method for simulating real-world conditions during the design stages can be realized.

Generating Looped Test Patterns or PRBS Signals with a Preamble
The 81160A can create signals needed in integrated circuit test: repeatable PRBS sequences preceded by a precisely timed preamble signal.

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