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Migrate from the 34410A/11A to the Truevolt Series Digital Multimeters (DMMs)

Keysight Technologies has decided to discontinue the production of the 34410A/11A digital multimeters (DMMs) on December 1, 2016. The last day to place an order for these products is November 30, 2016. Committed to providing world-class customer support, Keysight will continue to support these products for the standard period of 5 years. The replacement models for the 34410A/11A are Keysight’s next-generation Truevolt Series DMMs.

The 34465A Truevolt Series DMM is a virtual drop-in replacement for the 34410A/11A while continuing to improve usability and measurement technology. The Truevolt Series DMM’s graphic capabilities such as trend and histogram charts offer more insights quickly. Both Truevolt Series 34465A and 34470A models also provide data logging and digitizing modes.

View DMM 34410/11A migration guide

Comparison of Key Features

Feature improvements 34410A & 34411A 34465A
(direct replacement)
 Resolution (digits)  6½  6½  7½
DCV accuracy  30 ppm  30 ppm  16 ppm
Reading rate maximum  10,000/s; 50,000/s  5,000/s; 50,000 opt 5,000/s; 50,000 opt 
Reading memory  50,000 readings, 1 million readings  50,000 readings, 2 million readings opt.  50,000 readings, 2 million reading s opt.
DC current  100 µA to 3 A  1 µA to 10 A  1 µA to 10 A
Capacitance, temperature       Standard Standard, also thermocouples Standard, also thermocouples
Display  2-line, VFD  2-line, color LCD  2-line, color LCD


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