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Rack System for High-Power Applications

Take the worry out of designing high-power systems up to 90 kW N8900 Series Rack System for High-Power Applications

If you design or implement high-power systems that require up to 90 kW, you face a variety of design, debugging and safety challenges associated with high voltages. Now you can overcome these challenges for voltages up to 1500 V and currents up to 3060 A with the prewired Keysight N8900 Series rack system. 

The N8900 Series rack system benefits include:

  • Prewired rack reduces system assembly and design time
  • Ability to meet a variety of needs with voltage and current combinations – from 80 V to 1500 V, from 60 A to 3060 A
  • Prewired control of up to six 15-kW N8900 power supplies (30 to 90 kW)
  • Control of the system as if it were one high-power supply, using the N8900’s smart paralleling capability
  • LAN (LXI Core), USB, and GPIB I/O all standard
  • Worldwide operation – choose models with either 208 VAC or 400 VAC inputs
  • Worldwide support