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Solutions for PCI Express (PCIe)

PCI Express® design can be segmented into physical layer, data link layer and transaction layer. The PCI-SIG workshops provide a formal verification of PCIe design, but compliance testing is recommended before attending a workshop. As an active member of the PCI-SIG, with consistent participation in workshops and specification issues, Keysight has a solid understanding of the PCIe design and test physical layer, data link layer and transaction layer.

Only Keysight offers solutions to meet your needs in PCIe design and test.

PCIe Transmitter Test Receiver Test Interconnect Test Protocol Test

MSOV164A Infiniium V-Series Oscilloscope: 16 GHz, 4 Analog Channels plus 16 Digital Channels

M8020A J-BERT High-Performance BERT

E5071C ENA-TDR Network Analyzer


86100D Infiniium DCA-X Wide-Bandwidth Oscilloscope

AXIe Chassis and controllers

U4301B PCIe Protocol Analyzer

U4305B PCIe Exerciser & PCIe LTSSM Exerciser with L1 Substate Analysis


W2352EP PCI Express Compliance Test Bench

N5393D PCI Express Electrical Performance Validation and Compliance Software

N5990A Automatic Software for PCIe compliance