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Radio Systems Engineering: A Tutorial Approach

Radio Systems Engineering

The book, Radio Systems Engineering: A Tutorial Approach, written by Hector J. De Los Santos, Christian Sturm, and Juan Pontes, provides a general overview of radio systems with their components, focusing on the analog parts of the system and their non-idealities.

The complete book is available on Amazon: Radio Systems Engineering: A Tutorial Approach .

Learn radio systems engineering through an innovative tutorial approach

The book adopts a practical, innovative approach by combining discussion with tutorial exercises based on the Keysight SystemVue electronic system-Level (ESL) design software. With these tutorials, readers gain practical experience with realistic design examples of radio transmission systems for communications and radar sensing.

Download your copy of the SystemVue tutorials below

The SystemVue tutorials cover state-of-the-art system standards and applications and consider the characteristics of typical radio-frequency hardware components. For all tutorials, a comprehensive description of the tasks, including some hints to the solutions, is provided. Readers are then able to perform these tasks independently and a complete set of simulation models and solutions to the tutorial exercises is given. Tutorials include:

  • Tutorial 1: Introduction to SystemVue and Basic Receiver Design
  • Tutorial 2: Direct Conversion Receiver Design
  • Tutorial 3: Heterodyne Receiver Design
  • Tutorial 4: PSK Transmitter Design and Complete RF Transmission Link
  • Tutorial 5: FMCW Radar

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