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Where is my Calibration Certificate for the E6650A EXF wireless test set for femtocell?

The E6650A EXF is a flexible PXIe based platform which consists of a controller, a chassis (M9018A), a reference (M9300A), and anywhere between one and four TRX modules (M9440A).

The E6650A EXF does not have a calibration certificate because of its flexible TRX configuration. Only the M9300A Reference and M9440A TRX modules installed inside the E6650A chassis have a calibration certificate.

Each M9440A TRX module has its own serial number and can have different frequency and bandwidth options installed. Therefore, each TRX will have its own, unique calibration certificate.

  • Example of a TRX serial number: M9440A   MY12345678
TRX module Option Frequency Range
Frequency E6650A-504 380 MHz to 3.8 GHz
  E6650A-5WC 1.1 to 1.7 GHz
2.4 to 2.5 GHz
4.8 to 6 GHz (WiCon)
  E6650A-506 380 MHz to 6 GHz (multi-format)
Analysis Bandwidth Option Measurement Bandwidth
  E6650A-B40 40 MHz (standard)
  E6650A-B85 80 MHz
  E6650A-B1X 160 MHz

E6650A EXF as the platform will also have a serial number, which and can be seen on the back of the instrument, but will have no calibration certificate.

  • Example of the E6650A platform serial number: E6650A   MY12345678

Additional TRX modules can be added to an E6650A chassis after the initial instrument purchase. These would have different calibration due dates and different warranty end dates from the modules that were original purchased with the E6650A platform.

Calibration due dates are displayed by the system. In the E6650A EXF application, go to the System > Show > Hardware screen: