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Accurate and Repeatable Wafer-level Measurements

Wafer-level measurement solutions with guaranteed system configuration, integration and support

With guaranteed system configuration, integration and support, a wafer-level measurement solution from Keysight Technologies and FormFactor gives you accurate and repeatable testing, minimizes the time to first measurement, and ensures data correlation between multiple locations.

A typical configuration will include instruments from Keysight such as a PNA or PNA-X network analyzer, a B1500A Semiconductor Device Parameter Analyzer and a N6705C DC power analyzer together with Keysight’s WaferPro Express (WaferPro-XP) measurement software platform. These will be integrated with a FormFactor semi-automated wafer probe station, WinCal XE calibration software and Impedance Standard Substrates for calibration.

  • Accurate and repeatable wafer-level measurements
  • System configuration pre-validated to meet your application
  • Integrated installation to meet pre-defined acceptance criteria
  • Single point of contact for support
  • Solution expert for system optimization
  • Guaranteed system configuration, guaranteed integration, and guaranteed support
  • Request More Information and Keysight’s partner, FormFactor, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Available Solution Briefs

Wafer-level Measurement Solutions - Overview 
Co-branded brochure describing wafer-level measurement solutions from Cascade Microtech and Keysight.

Brochure 2014-08-04