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WaferPro Express Key Features

WaferPro Express Main WindowWaferPro Express is a new measurement software platform that provides a unified, open, and automated on-wafer measurement environment. WaferPro Express is a solution to real customer characterization needs. It enables a library of efficient measurement routines (built-in and user defined), such as adaptive measurement algorithms, which reduce the overall measurement time.

For more information on WaferPro Express, download the WaferPro Express brochure.

Key Features of WaferPro Express

Reduces time to first measurements:

  • Turnkey DC, CV and RF test algorithms for CMOS, BJT and other major technologies
  • 50+ turnkey instrument drivers for most common instruments, interfaces and operating systems
  • Easy Wafer-level Measurement Solutions system setup and verification procedure

Simplifies the everyday task of setting automated test:

  • Modern and intuitive user interface to define wafer map and test plan
  • Exclusive integration to Cascade Microtech prober control software

Increases productivity:

  • Advanced data display and Wafer Data Mapping viewer
  • SQL Database for handling high volume data

Empowers users to solve complex or custom problems:

  • Python/PEL programming for data monitoring and post-processing and instrument drivers implementation
  • Configurable switch matrix drivers to support a variety of probe cards and connections

Wafer-level Measurement Solutions

WaferPro Express is a key component of Keysight Technologies and Cascade Microtech Wafer-level Measurement Solutions (WMS).

All WMS are validated by Keysight and Cascade Microtech to minimize the time to first measurement and provide accurate and repeatable device and component characterization.

All WMS offer guaranteed system configuration, installation and support.

For more information about WMS, refer to Wafer-level Measurement Solutions – Cascade Microtech.

Wafer-level Measurement Solutions (WMS)

Figure 1. A typical WMS DC and RF device modeling solution with guaranteed configuration, guaranteed installation and guaranteed support. Test engineers get fast, accurate, verified wafer-level semiconductor measurement solutions that ensure measurement performance and correlation between multiple locations, and minimize the time to first measurement.

Where does WaferPro Express fit with other products in the Device Modeling flow?


WaferPro Express in the Device Modeling flow

Figure 2. WaferPro Express in the Device Modeling flow.

What is the difference between IC-CAP WaferPro and WaferPro Express?

  • IC-CAP WaferPro is for customers who use a single platform for measurement and modeling or need to access the new Measurement Management System (MMS), which is exclusive to IC-CAP WaferPro. IC-CAP WaferPro provides the ultimate flexibility, drives Keysight Parametric Testers and includes an IC-CAP environment, which can be shared with modeling.
  • WaferPro Express is for everyone who needs a simple to use, cost effective, efficient and automated on-wafer measurement solution.

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